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Welcome to ECOPHA
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Ecopha Group is a biotechnology-based group of companies devoted to bringing research, development and commercialization in biotechnology business especially in biodegradable plastics business development. Ecopha Group has established its way of producing bioplastic products since year 2008. Through the continuous R&D project, the company has now turned up to be one of the experts in bioplastic fermentation and producing a variety of bioplastic-related products.

Polylactate (PLA) and polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) are the two most promising types of bioplastics for the commercialization and full production, which have been produced from our company via fermentation of renewable feedstocks. The utilization of renewable feedstock means that the feedstock can be acquired easily and continuously, which also indicates that the bioplastic production is subjected to less cost changes compared with conventional plastic that uses fossil fuel.

Ecopha Group is equipped with commercial pilot production capability for bioplastic products. We have also successfully introduced environmental friendly products like green solvent and biofertilizer. These are produced from bio based compound in aiming to protect our Earth. All the processes in Ecopha Group involve applications from white biotechnology and biomaterial science in order to achieve high quality and performance products.

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