Product Range

Polylactic acids have the capabilities to be made into a variety of products depending on the products’ specifications and needs. With the advent of new technological improvements made in this sector, there are bound to be more uses for polylactic acids. Furthermore, the increase in consumer demand for environmentally-friendly products will also help spur the growth for polylactic acids-based products. Click here for quotation!!

Bioplastic End Product

3D Filament

The two standard diameter sizes for filament are 1.75mm or 3mm, which is made from either polyhydroxyalkanoate or polylactate and can, come in different colors. It became soft and moldable when heated and return to a solid when cooled. It is commonly used for printing of 3D prototypes. The smell of 3D Printer Filament while printing will vary largely from manufacturer to manufacturer based in large part on how much degradation occurred during production. Filament with a smaller diameter can be heated faster so can print faster. Being smaller, it is so more flexible and can be coiled more tightly and turn sharpener corners.
Biofertilizer is a fertilizer with slow releasing properties. It can prolong the release of fertilizer into soil and prevent the bleaching of fertilizer especially during seasonal heavy rain, thereby making the small marginal plantation more cost-efficient and economic.


Bioplastic Bag

Bioplastic made bag are biodegradable bag, which can be dispose easily into the environment without the need of cleaning it. It possesses no toxic effect on the environment and can be decomposed very efficiently by the microbial community in the environment. In fact, the decomposed bioplastic bag can even be a different source of nutrient for plant or microbe.