A bioreactor is a specially designed vessel which is built to support the growth of high concentration of microorganisms. It must be so designed that it is able to provide the optimum environments or conditions that will allow supporting the growth of the microorganisms.

This fermenter is widely used in microorganism lab an ideal instrument for exact fermenting experimentation. The experiment result approaches that of the production scale, it is quite easy to scale up the fermentation process through the lab scale experiment. This type fermenter is generally applied to various fermenting process.

Simple structure, easy to operate, low failure rate, classic products of laboratory bioreactor

  • Simple structure,
  • easy to operate,
  • low failure rate,
  • classic products of laboratory bioreactor

  • Special air distribution ring and stainless steel net
  • Best condition for solid-liquid mixing achievable
  • Efficient screen retaining structure is easy for recycling of enzyme catalysts
  • Economizing the cost of human and materials, does not need staff on duty and can realize remote control and wireless monitoring

  • From lab scale fermentors, to mid and large scale
  • Propriety and customizable control system software
  • Customizable for all configuration of fermentor

[Synocell® fermentor is PLA control system and this system adopts human- machine interface and PID control, which can measure and automatically control parameters of temperature, rpm, ph, DO, feed, foam and etc. It possesses functions of digital setting, quick validation, data display, data storage, data print, password management, etc. It has communication connection which can communicate with computer and online system.Models of Synocell Fermenters and Bioreactors

Autoclavable fermenters:-

  • Synocell 3010 A
  • Synocell 3010 B

In-situ sterilizable fermenters:-

  • Synocell 10100 A
  • Synocell 10100 B
  • Production scale fermenters
  • Synocell 12000 A
  • Cell culture bioreactors
  • Synocell Power 5015 A
  • Synocell Power 5015 B

Synocell┬« is your professional solution partner specialist for develops, manufactures and markets fermenter and bioreactor. Customers benefit from our latest technology and sophisticated systems, in which help cell lines or microorganisms develop their full potential in effective way, thus contributing to our client’s success.

  • For our respect customer applications, we offer the best and wide range of solutions:
  • Microorganisms fermentation (bacteria, fungi and yeast)
  • Cell culture (mammalian cells, insect cells, plant
    cells and algae)
  • Biofuel production (biodiesel and bioethanol)
  • Multi-stage of bioprocessing system
  • Modern PID control software
  • Qualification and rehabilitation of bioreactors

Synocell 12000 A is a large-production scale fermenter unit equipped with have the capacity up to 20 000 L of operating volume.

  • Have a flexible installation probes and accessories for media addition, aeration, sampling, harvest, perfusion, load destruction, Clean In Place, and etc. it comes with the standardized ports.
  • The smart control system technology allows the linking towards the monitoring devices by Ethernet, for the eventual connection to the supervision system.
  • Comes with SCADA Control System
  • Software management data graphics
  • Complete range of accessories and set of measuring probes.
  • Available in mechanic or magnetic agitation system.