Eco-friendly PHA Bioplastics
– An Alternative to Petroleum-based Plastics.

We Have One dream

“Providing our earth a green, cleaner and healthier environment for our next generation” - Our dream


Our History

Ecopha was first established in 2008 in Malaysia and then expanded the business to Australia in 2013. Ecopha is a biotechnology-based company with extensive experience and technical capabilities in biodegradable plastics development. Equipped with strong and ongoing R&D projects, the company has become one of the leaders and pioneers in bioplastics research and commercialization for a variety of bioplastic-based products.

ECOPHA also has successfully completed the research and development stage of PHA bioplastic production, and have filed several patents related to the production of PHA bioplastic from fermentation, to downstream extraction and purification to produce powders or resins of PHA bioplastic. This research and development was performed in the pilot plant in ECOPHA’s facility, as well as other auxiliary equipment needed to perform the extraction and purification of PHA bioplastic.

Our Mission and Vision

Aspires to be a significant research and development player in biodegradable products serving within the bioplastics industry in the world.

To be a corporate organization that continuously cares and values the environment in its quest for quality products and achieving profit.

Our core business is in our technological knowhow to produce bioplastics. Our focus has been on a particular variety known as Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA). PHA is a biopolymer which is fully biodegradable and biologically synthesized by microorganism from fermentation of renewable resources such as sugar and vegetable oil. We offer clients and potential investor consultation and technological packages, from upstream fermentation to downstream extraction and purification process for the production of PHA.

Besides offering services for consultation and technology providing, we also innovate on new PHA bioplastic products for agriculture industry, 3D printing industry, medical industry, etc. We constantly push ourselves to the boundaries to look for pioneering products that is made possible by the unique properties of PHA and other bioplastics to ensure we are at the forefront of technology.

Grown With Love on Our Dream

As an entrepreneur, most importantly, we must have the patience and strong perseverance to overcome all the challenges and various obstacles along the way. No doubt during this long journey until to date there has been many obstacles we might be faced, but only after we have to try out many different solutions before judging it is doable or not and normally I would never given up for sure. I have also tried to seize every opportunity that can help me to fulfill our dream in bioplastics with love. Therefore, I always believe that who wants to be an entrepreneur have to be continue trying, never give up and for sure he or she will be succeed in their business or achieved their dream one day. Eco-friendly PHA Bioplastic is our dream and we will grow it with love.

Jasmine Lee

Co-Founder of Ecopha

Our Achievement and Awards